Text Box: Our Beginning
In January 2005, Inspire Theatre was formed by a group of folks who had done shows together and thought it would be great fun to do more shows together.
Our Goal
To create COMMUNITY THEATRE—with all that can mean. A community where a community of actors where a community of actor could enjoy involvement in quality productions in an enjoyable and safe environment and provide the same for the community.
From the Director
Imagine waking up every day believing that if you did your job well, people’s destiny would be altered. Sound preposterous for community theatre? Perhaps. However, I’ve watched it happen.  I’ve been a part of helping people create what I like to call, WOW MOMENTS.  Moments when a truth took root because it was presented in a creative way to which the recipient could identify and relate. Sometimes this happens on a stage. Sometimes it happens during the preparatory process. But it almost always happens. You see the lights go on and you know you have opened a previously closed door. You’ve changed a destiny. WOW MOMENTS.
We started Inspire Theatre in January of 2005 with this goal in mind, “Changing the Planet, Text Box: ABOUT


Text Box: ABOUT US
Inspire Theatre is a 501c3 non-profit community theatre based in Westland, MI.
33455 Warren Rd
Westland, MI 48185
Phone: (734)-751-7057