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2017/2018 Season

Presenting Our 13th Season.


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Five shows for the price of four. 

($80 value for only $65.)

The whole country is talking non-stop about the new novel, “Gone With The Breeze.” The heroine, a spunky 18-year-old Jezebel O’Toole, makes Scarlett O’Hara seem like soggy grits-and-a-half.  When the nation hears that Hollywood’s Lone Pine Films, the movie maker that emphasizes youth, is planning “A Breeze” as its next picture, hundeds of aspiring young actresses descend on the studio.  These divas make the burning of Atlanta seem like child’s play. Sure to be your favorite musical this year! Feb 9-25

It Happened One Fright

Welcome to the Annual Holiday Variety Show and Christmas Pageant at St. Everybody’s Non-Denominational Universalist Church, where all faiths are welcome because we’ll believe anything. But there’s a problem: None of the acts scheduled to perform have arrived, so the three members of the Reduced Shakespeare Company are pressed into service to perform the entire Variety Show and Christmas Pageant by themselves.

Dec 1-17

Max Prince is the star of The Max Prince Show, a popular comedy-variety series that is a major hit on the East Coast, but network executive insists that it's too sophisticated for the Midwest, and urges Prince to dumb down his act. Between the tensions of producing an hour of top-quality comedy each week and being pestered about his ratings, Prince is beginning to unravel.

The angelic spirit of Broadway’s great song-and-dance man, George M.  Cohan, reappears on earth to help stage a centennial pageant for the Rocky Mountain town of Snookersville. Add five original rock, ragtime and western ballads to many Cohan favorites like ”Yankee Doodle Dandy,” ”Give My Regards to  Broadway” and” You’re a  Grand Old Flag” and you have a show that really bounces. Grumpy old Emily Snooker, great granddaughter of the founder, tries to force the town to stage a hilariously dull and phoney historical play but is outmaneuvered by Cohan and friends.  Lots of laughs and a flag waving love story, too! 

June 15 - July 1

The Song and Dance Man


His last line of defense against both the network and the ratings are his writing staff, which spends its days coming up with business for the show while hurling humorous invective at each other and anyone else within earshot.

This comedy takes a fictionalized look at the backstage chaos that went into producing one of the landmarks of television's golden age, Your Show of Shows.

April 20—May 6

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Buy Season Tickets Here
Sell tickets online with Ticketleap
Buy Season Tickets Here
Sell tickets online with Ticketleap

John finds himself stranded near a medieval castle. The bridge washes out and he's stuck for the night. Interrupting the annual Monster Bash, they soon meet Dr. Victor Frankenstein, Igor, The Monster, Count Dracula assorted female vampires, The Wolfman, The Mummy, assorted villagers, and of course Dracula's beautiful daughter, Nadia. Dr. Frankenstein wants John's brain, the vampires want John's blood, and John wants Nadia. This musical romp is just plain fun!  Performances are Fridays and Saturdays @ 730 pm and Sundays @ 300pm, Oct 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, Nov 3, 4, 5.